About Candidate

Hello! I’m Tommaso, an Italian individual who recently completed a coding bootcamp with Founders and Coders. In this immersive experience that concluded at the very end of 2023, I delved into various technologies and frameworks, including HTML, CSS, vanilla JavaScript, TypeScript, Tailwind, Node, React, Next.js, and Git/GitHub.

During the bootcamp, which prioritized peer-to-peer learning through weekly projects, I initially focused on building a solid foundation in web development with HTML, CSS, and vanilla JavaScript during the first three part-time months. Encouraged by my growing passion for coding, I made a decisive commitment to my career change by leaving my job as a barista to fully dedicate myself to the last three full-time months.

In this extremely intensive period, I expanded my skill set significantly, gaining proficiency in more advanced technologies and frameworks. I am particularly excited about applying my newfound knowledge to real-world challenges and contributing to innovative projects in the world of software development. My journey has equipped me with a unique blend of skills, from problem-solving abilities to analytical thinking and strong collaborative skills, making me well-prepared for opportunities in the dynamic field of web development.



BA Philosophy 2010
Università degli studi di Milano