Pedro Eugenio Ricciardi

£25000 / year
August 7, 1987

About Candidate

Access my GitHub profile to explore some of my projects:

Transitioning from being a Physics, Mathematics, and Robotics teacher in Brazil, I’m now diving into the exciting world of tech as a trainee at CodeYourFuture in the UK. I’m shifting from teaching to coding, fueled by a love for learning and a passion for helping others.

In my previous role as a teacher, I led engaging initiatives such as monthly robotic exhibitions for over 100 students and physics projects for community events. I introduced innovation to teaching, resulting in improved student scores.

I kicked off my professional life spending a solid 10 years as a designer and production manager. That gig got me deep into graphic design and leadership, where I learned how to tackle problems head-on. This experience set me up nicely for what came next, bringing a bunch of handy skills to the mix.

Currently, I immerse myself in the CodeYourFuture boot camp, enhancing my software development skills, learning about best practices in tech, workflows, and paving my way into the tech industry.

Beyond coding, I am a traditional RPG player and PC gamer who loves sunny walks and coffee shop chats.
Oh, and my cat? He is my Family.

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Competencies: React, JavaScript, TypeScript, HTML and CSS, logical and mathematical reasoning, learning techniques, time management, and a collaborative mindset. Languages: English, Spanish, and Portuguese.



Bachelor of Science (Hons) degree in Physics 2017
Faculdade de Ciências Biomédicas (Brazil)

● First-Class Honours in Physics ● Qualified to teach (Licentiate degree) ● 600 Hour Internship Experience (highest grade)

Work & Experience

Physics, Mathematics and Robotics teacher Jan 2016 - Dec 2021
Soma Educational Institution (Brazil)

● Promoted robotic exhibitions and competitions (Lego EV3) once per month, involving more than 100 students. ● Led physics projects with 250+ students for biannual community events, including knowledge/science fairs, providing organisational and execution support to the school. ● Conducted mathematics workshops using an innovative teaching method based on practices and games, resulting in an 18% improvement in the average scores of students compared to the same grade using only traditional teaching methods.

Frontend Web Developer May 2021 - Oct 2021
Educa Somar (Brazil)

● Collaborated on the creation of the 'Oficina do Cérebro' charity event landing page, marking the online debut and fostering community engagement to support students with learning difficulties. ● Implemented a visually appealing and user-friendly website interface empowered by HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and the Bulma Framework, resulting in a 120% increase in student interest and engagement. ● The project guided and tutored 87 students, offering tutoring, teaching, workshops, supplies, and psychological support.

Warehouse Operative Aug 2022 - Present
L’Oréal Warehouse (Manchester)

● Safely handling the picking, packing, and palletising of delicate and high-value cosmetic products, with each pallet averaging 600kg. Proficient in secure LLOP driving to ensure smooth operations. ● Ensure accurate product tracking using SAP Warehouse Management System for over 130 daily retail orders in the cosmetic sector. ● Completed and dispatched over 2500 items daily for trade orders.

Web Developer Trainee Aug 2023 - Present
Code Your Future (Manchester)

● Develop new projects in each module using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, with a focus on responsiveness, clean code, organisation, and following best practices in the tech industry. ● Created more than 15 repositories on GitHub, including projects, study cases, and practices. ● Maintain repositories up to date with clear descriptions, appropriate comments in each push, and well-crafted pull requests.