Mohamed Ali

August 21, 1991

About Candidate

I’m a passionate full-stack developer with a knack for turning complex problems into seamless web solutions.

My journey began at Minviro, where I blended technology with environmental advocacy, crafting accessible tools to make a real-world impact.

I thrive on the challenges of the digital world, especially in creating intuitive, user-friendly experiences.

My toolbox is filled with JavaScript, React, TypeScript, and Node.js, but it’s my curiosity and eagerness to learn that truly define me.

I’m on a mission to build things that not only look great, but also make a difference. In my world, every line of code is a step towards a more connected and sustainable future. Let’s create something amazing together.



Full Stack Developer Program 2022
The School Of Code

Student full-stack developer on a 16-week-high intensity program learning and implementing the following tools, technologies & practices: HTML5, CSS, JavaScript (ES6), React.js, Express.js, Node.js, PostgreSQL, Jest, Super test, Cypress, Git, GitHub, Cloud Hosting, AWS, Figma, Trello, Agile Methodologies, Pair Programming, Remote working and Project Work. - Developed apps using the PERN Stack (PostgreSQL, Express, React, Node) to solve real world problems and potential business demands. - Implemented TDD (test driven development), CI/CD and AGILE methodology. - Refactored and optimized based on end of sprint code reviews with senior staff. - Worked as part of various SCRUM teams as well as pair programming. During the program, we have worked in pairs as well as in small teams implementing agile methodologies on tightly focused projects. This has taught me valuable key skills needed to successfully and easily transition into a working team. These skills include project management, meeting deadlines, problem-solving, conflict resolution, ticketing, collaborating using version control and most importantly it taught me how to learn new things and adapt to new challenges that inevitably arise.

Diagnostic Radiography 2019
St George's University of London

Work & Experience

Junior Full Stack Developer March 2023 - March 2024

In my current role as a Junior Full stack Developer at Minviro, I am actively contributing my technical skills and enthusiasm to a dynamic team, implementing design changes, resolving bugs, and developing innovative features based on valuable user feedback. ★ Implemented thoughtful design changes to enhance user experience and functionality. ★ Addressed and resolved software bugs, ensuring a smoother and more reliable product. ★ Developed new features in response to user feedback, aligning the software with customer needs and preferences. ★ Conducted code reviews to maintain high-quality standards and best practices. ★ Collaborated effectively in cross-disciplinary teams to achieve project goals. ★ Demonstrated adaptability and innovation in tackling diverse challenges. ★ Actively pursued continuous learning and personal growth, regularly completing online courses and attending workshops to stay updated with the latest development trends and technologies. Technology Stack ▻ JavaScript/Typescript ▻ React/Next.js ▻ AWS (Amazon Web Services) ▻ Cognito ▻ DynamoDB ▻ Amplify ▻ Serverless Lambda Functions ▻ Python ▻ Redux/Redux Toolkit ▻ Formik