About Candidate

Graduate of Makers Academy software engineering bootcamp. Full stack engineer in the making. Learning everyday. Chasing that eureka moment high.



Software Engineering Bootcamp 2023
Makers Academy

A highly selective Full Stack Software Engineering Bootcamp that focus' on the core principles, required for full stack web development. Curriculum covered design patterns/architectures, SOLID principles, TDD and working on multiple group projects in an agile approach.

BA Hons Degree in Animation Production 2013-2016
Arts University Bournemouth

My team working skills were put to the test working as both an animator and concept artist on a multitude of successful graduate films in a range of different mediums and styles. Creating animation requires immense attention to detail, rigorous tinkering and close collaboration in order to create a polished and functioning final piece of work.

Work & Experience

Trainee Junior Test Analyst 01/04/2019 - 30/10/2022

Used my keen attention to detail to meticulously write and run tests on completed software builds/releases. This assured that quality standards were met but also that any undiscovered bugs/defects were located and reported to be resolved. Conducted analysis, organised evidence from completed tests and communicated results to the engineering team. This Allowed them to prioritise and organise tickets accordingly and ensured that multiple projects progressed successfully to their deadline date. I was directly responsible for locating multiple undiscovered defects before projects were deployed with errors. As a result of this the issues were resolved, the user experience was preserved and the reputation of the business remained untarnished.