Joao Almeida Ponte Neto

December 10, 1990

About Candidate

Technically skilled iOS Developer with deep awareness of Swift, UIKit, SwiftUI, Git, as well as architectural patterns, including Model-View-ViewModel (MVVM). Expertise surrounding design and implementation of software build, release, deployment and configuration activities throughout the full Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC) in alignment with Agile (Scrum). Produced fully functional mobile applications with clean code; gathering and delineating requirements, advising on solutions to enhance UX. Committed to lifelong learning; completed Udacity iOS Developer Bootcamp while reading literature focused on “Clean Architecture” and “Clean Coder” from the Robert C. Martin Series.



iOS Development Nanodegree 2023

Swift Programming | Xcode Development Tools | UI Design | UIKit Framework | API Integration | Git Version Control Problem-Solving and Debugging | App Lifecycle and Management | Model-View-ViewModel (MVVM) | CoreData | GCD( Grand Central Dispatch)

Bachelor's degree in Chemical Engineer 2013 - 2019
Federal University of Rio de Janeiro

Work & Experience

iOS Engineer (April 2023 – Present) / E-Commerce Manager (Feb 2021 - Mar 2023) 2019
Kipferl, London

Enjoyed four years' progression within this all-day Austrian restaurant and kitchen; from initial role delivering exceptional customer experiences as Head Waiter (winning "Top Waiter" award three times), before progressing into technical operations, driving application development and e-commerce frameworks. Improve skills in use of Swift and SwiftUI, leading to the development of high-performing iOS applications. Call upon understanding of design patterns, SOLID principals, and Object- Oriented Programming to enhance app functionality and User Experience (UX). Key Achievements: • Leveraged Shopify's API to seamlessly synchronise e-commerce orders and real-time stock data, ensuring smooth production and fulfilment. • Spearheaded system architecture design, implementation and comprehensive testing to ensure solution scalability. • Project managed the development of a comprehensive stock management application using Swift, SwiftUI and FireBase, focused on delivering real-time insights into cake inventory. • Seamlessly balanced high response, stable and efficient code with attractive and functional aesthetics. • Developed a dynamic production list generator factoring in e-commerce order volume and urgency, resulting in Pastry team workflow streamlining. • Shared knowledge of iOS UI/UX design principles, Auto Layout, Storyboards and XIBs to create intuitive and visually appealing interfaces. • Gained in-depth experience in working with RESTful APIs, facilitating seamless data integration and backend connectivity. • Managed AppStoreConnect and the app release process, ensuring smooth deployments and updates. • Influenced key stakeholders to secure buy-in to technology innovation, resulting in seamless UX. • Improved product quality through code reviews; identified and mitigated critical bugs and issues. • Modified features and solved bugs relating to iOS apps. • Scoped and led implementation of operations driving production capacity by 1000% using Excel, VBA and Macros. • Improved customer service experience and increased online shop turnover by gathering and distilling data / insights.