Harry Robinson

£28000 / month
June 1, 1999

About Candidate

As an enthusiastic software developer, I specialise in full-stack  technologies, crafting scalable backends with Node.js and Express, and accessible, effective frontend’s with JavaScript, TypeScript and React. My training at Northcoders bootcamp has sharpened my skills in building a full-stack app from the ground up, and my commitment to continuous learning through Udemy and Frontend Masters courses,  has compounded those skills to make me confident I can be an effective part of your team.



Junior Software Developer 2023

Bootcamp Curriculum: Completed a 13-week intensive bootcamp at Northcoders, learning JavaScript, HTML, CSS, React, Node.js, Express, and PSQL, with a focus on testing and database seeding. Development Methodologies: Gained proficiency in the development lifecycle, TDD, Agile methodologies, and pair programming to enhance teamwork and code quality. Automated Testing: Developed comprehensive automated testing suites to ensure the robustness and reliability of code. Frontend Development: Created accessible, user-friendly interfaces using React. Backend Development: Built scalable, efficient backends and RESTful APIs with Node.js and Express, adhering to MVC best practices. Mobile Development Project: For our final project, I ventured into mobile app development using React Native, leveraging my ability to learn new skills.