Feven Seyfu

£1000 / month
April 20, 1998

About Candidate

A Full-stack software developer with a proven track record in remote software development, I specialize in delivering user-interactive and robust software applications within specified time frames.

Over the past 4 to 5 years, I have dedicated myself to refining my skill sets as a software developer. I graduated with distinction in Electrical and Computer Engineering, majoring in computer engineering. Subsequently, I enrolled in Microverse, a remote software development school that employs pair programming and real-world projects to teach software development. During this time, I developed a variety of interesting applications, honing my programming skills through algorithm challenges and enhancing my interpersonal skills by collaborating with programmers from around the globe.

Front-End: JavaScript, React, Redux, Bootstrap, Tailwind CSS
Back-End: Node.js, Express, MongoDB, MySQL
Tools & Methods: Git, GitHub, JWT, Netlify, TDD, Chrome Dev Tools, Figma
Professional: Remote Pair-programming, Teamwork, Mentoring



B.Sc Electrical and computer engineering
Full stack Development
Micorverse inc