David Jones

£30000 / month
January 17, 1987

About Candidate

Hi my name’s David, a dedicated and versatile professional making a significant career transition into full stack web development. As a graduate with a background in media production, I have self-taught myself graphic design and successfully managed a freelance business, NeonBeacons, creating bespoke art and design projects. While managing my personal business and responsibilities as a father to a young child, I have also completed a rigorous Full Stack Web Development bootcamp at HyperionDev, where I was awarded a scholarship for my studies.

My technical skills include proficiency in JavaScript, HTML5, CSS, and React.js, with hands-on experience in Express.js and RESTful APIs. I have the ability to create modular and maintainable user interfaces and integrate front-end and back-end components, positioning myself as a capable web developer ready to tackle complex projects.

Professional Experience Highlights:

  • NeonBeacons (Personal Business): I managed all aspects of graphic design projects, from market research to client delivery, demonstrating strong creative and project management skills.
  • Pure Gym: I led a team of customer service advisors, developed motivational incentives, and ensured high performance, showcasing leadership and team management abilities.
  • HSBC Bank: I handled advanced customer queries, developed team incentives, and provided exceptional customer service, reflecting excellent communication and problem-solving skills.
  • Aviva (QuoteMeHappy): I oversaw operational improvement strategies, provided staff training, and managed finance reports, indicating a strong analytical and process-oriented mindset.

I am now eager to re-enter the workforce full-time and apply my diverse skill set and disciplined work ethic to a dynamic company looking for a talented and driven web developer. My unique combination of graphic design expertise and comprehensive web development training makes me a valuable asset for any team, particularly those focused on creating visually appealing and technically robust web solutions. My ability to manage multiple responsibilities while continuously advancing my skills highlights my dedication and potential to contribute significantly to any project or organization.