Ahmed Hussain

September 22, 1998

About Candidate

Currently training to become a Junior Software Developer at Northcoders, an industry-led bootcamp, I work on real-world projects using JavaScript, Node.js, React.js, and Jest. I have a strong academic background in math, physics, and economics, and I apply my analytical and problem-solving skills to create innovative and impactful solutions for various domains and industries.

I am passionate about learning new technologies and experimenting with building APIs and web applications. I also enjoy building and taking apart computers to get a deeper understanding of how they work. My goal is to collaborate with other software developers and contribute to the development of cutting-edge software products and services. In my free time, I practice martial arts, which helps me develop my mental and physical fitness.

Languages: JavaScript ,Node.js and other browser environments
Front-End: HTML, CSS, React, Lighthouse and other accessibility tools
Back-End: SQL, PSQL, seeding, migration
Testing: Test-Driven Development (TDD), Jest, Supertest
Hosting: GitHub pages, Netlify, Rende
Version control: Git, GitHub
General Principals: Paired programing, technical communication, SDL, Agile and SCRUM methodologies



A-Levels 2017
Queens Park Community Schoole

comleted A-Levels in Maths, Physics and Economics achieving a grade D in all

Work & Experience

Junior Software Developer january 8th 2024 - April 5th 2024

completed a 13 week industry led bootcamp at Northcoders learning essential skills to develop as a software developer